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Roger Neal and Neal Public Relations have been handling and coordinating publicity, promotions and marketing in all areas of the entertainment industry - television, radio, motion pictures, theatre, music, dance, restaurants, publishing, concert tours and special events on local and international levels for 36 years. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, the agency can serve all public relation needs with the personal approach which we feel is the most effective method of achieving desired results in this highly competitive field.

Media Coverage


We are adept at working in harmony with artists' managers, publicity departments of television networks, movie companies, local TV stations, cable services, corporate sponsors and underwriters, as well as with publicity representatives and managers for personalities. We are proud of our ability to direct and coordinate major publicity/promotion campaigns in which diverse publicity organizations are involved. We know how to disseminate the flow of information so that those who should be informed are informed.


Since we are based in New York and Los Angeles, we are in a position to create, execute and coordinate national publicity/promotion/marketing campaigns on behalf of nationally televised specials and series, as well as movies and concerts. A majority of the trade and consumer publications and broadcast media are located in New York and/or Los Angeles, and our day-to-day relationships with key personnel in these media give us quick and absolute access to them.


A public relations program can be simple or very complex, depending on a client's objectives. Initially, we meet with new clients to determine their public relations needs. We identify the audience they want to reach, develop a strategy, and outline tactics through which the Agency will carry out the client's specially-tailored program.

Our Agency is equipped to execute the following activities:

  • Setting interviews for national and local placement
  • Arranging media tours, telephone interviews and servicing material for market-by-market national placement
  • Arranging press screenings of movies and/or TV programs
  • Planning press conferences
  • Writing and servicing press kits
  • Supervising and servicing all photography
  • Creating, planning and executing special events
  • Writing speeches and presentations
  • Selecting and/or producing television clips
  • Preparing slide presentations
  • Creating and producing on-air television promos
  • Producing art and graphics
  • Producing brochures, pamphlets and newsletters
  • Booking local and national TV/radio talk shows
  • Planning and coordinating on-location press activities for live events, including concerts, conventions and pageants


Neal Public Relations is much sought after for handling major events which have included:

  • Famous Monster of Filmland Magazine's 2nd Annual World Sci-Fi Convention.
  • Friends Helping Friends Gala - Raised Money for the John Wayne Cancer Institute. Raised $850,000.
  • Shambala Preserve and the Roar Foundation's 2nd Annual Humane From Hollywood Gala - event honored Jim Carrey, Alicia Silverstone, Betty White, Jeff Foxworthy, Oliver Stone. Raised $700,00.
  • Frankie Avalon and Bob Marcucci & Chandler Entertainment & Records.
  • The 3rd Annual International Achievement in Arts Awards - honored Celine Dion, Dolores Hope, Gregory Peck, Smokey Robinson, etc. Raised $2,000,000.
  • The Sabin Foundation 1st Annual Gala for AIDS. Raised $2.2 million.
  • Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation - holding 1st Annual Comic connection event with Harvey Korman
  • UNCF "An Evening of Stars" - United Negro College Fund Annual TV Special - Airs Jan 9, 1999, hosted by Lou Rawls, Debbie Allen and Jasmine Guy.
  • G&P Charitable Foundation Gala - held in New York City, hosted by Bill Cosby and Dan Rather with an appearance by honoree President Bill Clinton. Raised $3.1 million.
  • Milton Berle's 90th Birthday Gala
  • Red Buttons' 80th Birthday Gala
  • Bob Hope's 95th Birthday Gala

Contact Neal PR :
Phone: 323-366-2796   or   714-883-0231

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2017 Clients

The Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Suite

The Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Viewing Dinner

Sheree J. Wilson:
Star of the CBS series Walker  Texas Ranger

Clarence Gilyard

Neil Simon Theatre
National Tour of Diving Miss Daisy

Cory Oliver:
Star of God's Not Dead

Las Vegas Fame Awards

Hollywood Fame Awards

The RockGodz Hall of Fame Awards

Kira Reed Lorsch:
Emmy Winning Actress and President of Thalians

Erin Cruz:

Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino:
Film Star and Author

Charles Fleischer:
Voice of Roger Rabbit

Johnny Bench:
Hall of Fame Baseball Legend

Suzan Hughes

Oasis LA Church:
Los Angeles, Calif.

Arthur Sarkissian:
Power Producer of Rush Hour Films and The Foreigner

Hedy & Heidi
The Movie and Thomas Otto-Bruc, Filmaker

Charles Mallory London:
Ladies Mirror Compacts

Red Skelton Museum

Apples Bed and Breakfast

Kagan Education

Katherine Kelly Lang:
Star of The CBS Series The Bold and Beautiful

Hauding Global Film Awards

Olympia Gellini Family Film Awards

Linda Churchwell:

Past Clients

Datang International Entertainment

Desert Rock Entertainment

Shari Belafonte

Kevin Dobson

Tim Conway:
Comedy Legend - his new book "WHAT'S SO FUNNY?" is a hit

Ron Masak:
TV Star best known as the Sheriff from "Murder She Wrote", created the new sitcom "Over The Hill"

Renee Taylor:
Renee Taylor's Face Love

Cindy Cohen:
Celebrity Make-Up Artist

Jim Rankin:
Author of the new book -
" Jesus in Ethiopia"

Founding Partner of Spago Barbara Lazaroff

Supreme Master TV Network's 5th Anniversay Celebration

Lorimar Winery

GM Collin Skincare Paris

Celebrity Chef Kurt Ehrlich

Tanya Memme:
Star of Sell This House Extreme

Celebrity Jewelry Designer
Raju Rasiah

Donna Spangler:
Celebrity Beauty and
Fitness Expert

Author Adman Rendon:
The Vallie

168 Film Festival and
Award Show

Josefina Hernandez:
Author of the book "Chief Prince Archangle Michael of The Heavenly Wars"

The National Museum of Patiotism:
the only museum of
its kind in the U.S. celebrates everything Patriotic
about America!

Danny and the Juniors

Sara Chow:
She is worlds largest producer of Hair Aceesories, Melanie B, Marie Osmond, Jane Seymour are a few of the stars who wear her hair accessories,look for her special hair accessory on the red carpet for Golden Globes and Oscars

Nicole Barr b.e.l.t.s Foundation:
Nicole fashion belts are a hit and worn by such stars as Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Paula Abdhul, and many more. Her mission is to feed every hungry child in America

Maggie Ferrari:
Her jewelry is making a mark in Hollywood with young stars and legendary stars as well. Maggie is married to Jelly Belly C.E.O. Herman Rowland

Stuart Weitzman

Celebrity Rags 4 Charity Riches

Cesar De La Parra

Bob Hope

Frankie Avalon

Timmy Woods

Arthur Sarkissian

Maria Magdalena Cosmetics

28th Annual Saturn Awards

Helen Reddy

Freund & Brackey, LLP
Beverly Hills, CA

The Estates of Harpo &
Chico Marx

Famous Monsters of
Filmland Magazine

Women Build for Women / Habitat for Humanity

Crescendo Records

Western States Baptist
Bible College

Parvenue Entertainment

Graham Hailey / Hailey's Hints

Tammy Tavares:
Tammy is in development of her new sitcom ME & WOODY

The Brittany Murphy Foundation & Sharon Murphy

Jennifer Young:
Daughter of Oscar Winner Gig Young, she is a music artist, best selling author, and producer of a documentary on her dads life and career

Terry Tripp:
Christian author, teacher, minister, his new book "SHUT THE HELL UP", is selling like crazy and talks about what is going on in the world today

Steven Vaughan:
Steven is on his thrid career, from working with George Lucas, to becoming a Celebrity Sunglass Designer to now an accomplished artist

Adam West:
TV'S BATMAN, whose art work is fetching big money these days

Music star who bicycled from Los Angeles to Miami to raise money and awareness for the wounded warrior project

America's Gorgeous Glam-Mas: This new reality show features grandmas ages 42-77 showing that GLAM-MAS are awesome

Jennifer Blanc:
TV and film star and producer

Tanya Newbould:
Star of the Universal Film SKYLINE

Abigail Mason:
At age 21 Abigail starred in the lifetime movie SAVING SARAH CAINE and will Exec Produce and star in the MOW The Slave Across the Street, a true story about teen sex trafficking in the U.S

J Paul Boehmer:
Starred in the Universal Film SKYLINE

Keith Mazza:
He is about to become the first American to become THE WORLD GRANDMASTER of KUNG FU

ROGER NEAL CLIENTS IN THE NEWS: Click below for some samplings of Press Hits Neal Public Relations secured for clients.







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